The Fairy Diary Day 29 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have gained in elevation, drawing closer to the lone mountain with every hill we pass. 

Ahead we can see woodlands that hug the hills closest to the snowy peak. We should pass into the forest sometime tomorrow – if the tracks continue in that direction. 

Already Rumble cautions a detour here and there to avoid areas in which he has smelt the stench of trolls. Fortunately we have not run up against any. Or maybe more fortunately they have not spotted us. 

Dunfallon has gotten over his uneasiness about potential encounters with trolls. Mainly because Rumble has built up my abilities to protect our party from any and all opponents. 

I just hope I do not disappoint. 


Day One Thousand One Hundred Twenty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Because we observed much activity in and around the other well in the vicinity, we gave it a wide berth and passed over ground we had previously not covered.

Elijah kept us on course despite its newness and brought us back into more familiar territory. Looking back further along, we discovered our little detour kept us from crossing paths with not one, but two patrols.

We slowed our pace after that realizing that there were most likely similar units prowling the area.

At one point we froze when we heard a firefight erupt ahead of us. We think neither side noticed our presence, but we stayed in place long after the noise died down, then concluded to pass the night there.

Day Nine Hundred Eighty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

As preparation for the next stage of our search, I suggested we replenish our water skins at the desert crossroads before heading into the desert.

As we all deemed it necessary, it was an easy decision to make the detour. As always Tomas was happy to go anywhere he’d never been before, especially with the additional incentive of seeing where we had first encountered Jezer.

It took longer than we remembered for it was late in the day when we finally arrived. We had the spot all to ourselves and set up camp.

While we filled the water skins, Tomas explored the area.

Our surprise was great when he returned minutes later with a struggling youth, my youngest friend Mawuli.

Day Five Hundred Seventy Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Our uncertainty continues.

We accompanied Tomas ashore in the Captain’s gig. It took some time to find an appropriate place to dock. All the while we did not see a living soul.

What we could see of this city is promising. The buildings and streets appear to be new construction. I surmise it has risen recently from the great destruction.

After a brief detour through the streets near the docks, we returned to where a ship was moored.

We were hailed as we ascended the gangplank. A lone sailor was overjoyed to to see us.  And he demanded that we take him away to our ship without delay.

Which we did.

By his account, fear has caused the city’s evacuation.

Day Seventeen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Stayed on the outer side of the river for my route to the third bridge. I could see it from the bridge I was on last night, almost out of sight around the bend. It has no superstructure, so should be easier to search.

About the time that both its ends came into view, I had to detour. The way was blocked and toxic warnings were posted. All might be clear, but I was not going to take the chance they were not.

The detour proved fruitful, yielding more foodstuffs. I’ll pick up more on the way back.

Rounded onto the street that leads to the bridge and was greeted by more toxic warnings. Stymied, will camp out and decide.