Day Seven Hundred Eighty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Mei introduced us to the members of her command, assembled from all the non-hunter camps she had spent time in the past few days. Her acquaintance with them dates back further than that. One might call them deserters from the army of the East, but she prefers to call them former comrades in arms.

Elijah thanked them and desired that they be allowed to return to their camps. Most did, but not before they put in place a rotating guard throughout the night.

The five of us conferred about our next move, but we concluded nothing until this morning.

Before anything else, Elijah decided that we have another problem to solve in regards to the city by the prairie.


Day Six Hundred Fifty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We settled into the new camp with the intent to stay a while. Elijah cannot pass up any opportunity to build people up spiritually. I concurred.

We learned that though they have been branded deserters, they repudiate that label arguing that they had not enlisted but rather had been forced conscripts.

They feel thankful, however, for the experience. One after the other told me that they never would have encountered Yeshua otherwise.

To a man they desire to return to their villages. And have remained in this place while deciding their course of action.

It is clear that to do so, they shall have to return via the caravan trail.

Elijah wants them to collect their people and move west.

Day Six Hundred Fifty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The campfires (we could now discern there was more than one) held to their position. At my order we kept a slow pace throughout the night.

Our plan was to arrive in daylight.  It wouldn’t do to have some strangers suddenly appear out of the darkness to stumble upon a more than likely armed host.

And Elijah insisted upon an additional precaution, he went in alone, while we kept out of sight.

After a brief separation Elijah returned to collect us, and to introduce us to our new friends.

They are indeed from that huge army. A whole platoon of deserters. Minus their leaders.

And to Elijah’s delight (and our surprise) new followers of Yeshua Hamashiach.

They trailed Elijah everywhere.