Day Six Hundred Twenty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We emerged down from our mountain track onto another wide open expanse. Our path has diverged greatly from the lower altitude passage used by the army. We cannot even see from here if they have yet made it through.

There is a good chance that Elijah’s desire to pass up the army will happen.

We continued on at a good pace, with Elijah answering the eager questions of our guides, and instructing them in the ways of the Spirit.

When our path arrived at a fork, we held up for the night, for we have some important decisions to make.

The southern branch intersects with that of the army.  The other leads to a village where our guides have relatives.

Day Ten #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I reached the river this afternoon. For it is a river that the bridge, or rather three bridges cross. Now a new question presents itself. Which is the correct one? They are not parallel to one another, so it’s not like it doesn’t matter which one I take.

The furthest one away is the one I saw from the heights. It crosses over the next bend of the river and appears to head northward to the mountains.

The nearest one appears to cross the river to a broad boulevard that follows the river back the direction that I came from.

The middle choice appears to split the difference, but I do not know if I should.

I’ll sleep on it.