The Fairy Diary Day 317 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Fliget and Gnoston lighted the way with their crystal sticks. We all noticed that something about this encouraged Willie to glow brighter again. 

I had wanted for us to maintain complete silence as we traveled along the Low-way, but our guides assured us that the dark elves were leagues away. Thus, Short and Shorter, as Rumble likes to refer to them have kept up an endless stream of chatter with Dunfallon. (I think they are quite taken with our pixie – his smaller size, no doubt, having much to do with it). 

I found their discourse to be quite informative. Fliget extolled the strength of the dwarves’ stronghold to the south, near the end of the Low-way. This despite the fact that the dark elves now occupy it. (His pride was rooted in the fact that the dwarves had created it). Gnoston went on to say that the families of the dark elves – women and children – had recently joined their armies there. 

Noralei and I were both surprised by this news. I passed it onto the High Fairy.