Day Four Hundred Sixty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Before the course change last night Tomas went to the Captain’s cabin and woke him up. The Captain had guessed already the motivating concern of his First Mate’s visit. And told him that it was more likely that the robotic warship was a bigger threat to them than the rumored pirates. The Captain reiterated the order. On leaving Tomas successfully begged him to double the watch.

Or so Elijah related to me this morning.

Having little to do myself I sought Tomas and volunteered to stand additional watches. He accepted my offer and took a few moments to run down what I should be alert for – small, fast-moving boats with a few armed men.

I hope they stay away.


Day Three Hundred Fifteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

More than the scheduled containers were waiting to be loaded, including two that are billed for the island not originally on the planned port of calls. The Captain is pleased with this development, as he now has an economic reason for his course change.

Elijah and I went ashore while the loading process was underway. The look was the same as the great city before it was taken down, with new structures rising from the ruins, but a whole different feeling emanated from the people in the streets.

Elijah questioned a passerby who directed us to a meeting hall whose entrance was marked by the sign of a fish.

We returned to the ship, confident that here all is well.

Day Three Hundred Eleven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I missed Elijah’s return last night. The Captain took him on a tour of the ship after their talk.

I did the same today, but with the Purser instead. I heard from him first that the Captain has agreed to the slight course change necessary to put in at the island.

Later, Elijah added the information that the Captain’s main concern is for his fuel supply. A commodity difficult to come by these days.

The crew is a small one. They seem ready to relax in my presence, but not so in Elijah’s.

I asked the Purser if there was a quiet place in which to meditate. He showed me an empty cabin near his office.

He uses it himself.