Day One Thousand Two Hundred Sixteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I am proud of Mawuli. He is exercising supreme control over his compulsion to wade down through these elite troops to get at his chief tormentor.

He has taken to heart Elijah’s advice (and warning) that any vengeance we could imagine to inflict upon Stan for his deeds would fall short by an infinity to the true justice he shall receive under the full weight of the Word.

For now he is content to share the vigil with Tomas and await developments.

He is as keen as I am to witness what is coming.

Later the Captain stirred more excitement when he brought news of more visitors.

I hurried to Elijah. Two of his disciples were there fresh from Babylon.


Day Eight Hundred Eighty Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

No groups went out today. It’ll be all or nothing come tomorrow. Jezer has placed himself at my beck and call to supply what I need to repair the drone.

My original list has grown as I’ve installed some of the parts. Some just wouldn’t work nor mesh together. Of major concern was putting in place measures that would keep it under my control and not have it revert back to that of our persecutors.

Thankfully its locator had been removed before it was delivered to us.

Elijah remained in his garden all day, interceding on our behalf. I can sense the good effect of his laboring for our success.

I will content myself by praying for him while working.