The Fairy Diary Day 214 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei has taken the lead. The way ahead is increasingly tangled with vines and other plant growth and her short sword is proving effective in dealing with it. And the boys are busy fending off snakes that were stirred up by her activity. 

I popped up above the treetops periodically to get a visual heading. So far Noralei’s compass is proving true. 

After one such check I broached the possibility of us flying from treetop to treetop and carrying Dunfallon. 

But our pixie refused. (I think it is a painful reminder to him that his eagle is missing – and to all of us that so too is the wizard). 

Not long after we were all in the treetops. 

A great rush of roaring water sprang up behind us and we fled before it could overtake us. Noralei secured our reluctant pixie. 

The pool of water fed by our stream must have broken loose. 

We had to fly from treetop to treetop until the force of the water was no longer flattening them. 

We had a lot to discuss when the danger was past.

The Fairy Diary Day 207 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon was up and out before any of the rest of us.  Upon his return he declared that all was clear hereabouts. 

When we were out and on our way, Rumble checked his map in conjunction with Noralei’s compass and we were thankfully still on course. Although when Rumble scrolled ahead it showed that the stream we are following will veer away and run down to the distant coast and join the sea. 

None of this is visible from where we are. Obviously a decision will have to be made when we come to the point of the change. Do we keep aligned with the red ashes or do we follow the stream down to the sea and look for transport up to the country of the crystalline tower?

I wrote out a message to the High Fairy. And tasked Rumble and Dunfallon to consider the options from what they had discovered when in Merlin’s castle.

The Fairy Diary Day 198 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The terrain around us once again has changed. Very few plants poke their heads above the gleaming sands. Dunfallon, ever the curious pixie, sniffed and tasted a few grains, and announced to everyone that it is mostly salt. He was moved by pity for the struggling plants and begged us fairies to help them. 

Rumble, Noralei and I talked it over and agreed to try. Noralei selected the largest patch of the plants and we concentrated our efforts there. 

Rumble brought to the surface a water course from somewhere deep underneath our feet. 

Soon the shoots of the plants were towering over our heads adding long broad fronds that blocked out much of the glare from the sun. 

The new growth spread out from this one patch laterally and forward and back. 

As we set out again we found the water course we are following has appeared on Rumble’s map and Noralei’s compass confirms it as our heading.

The Fairy Diary Day 193 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The heat in this wasteland clings to us. Even through the night. I do believe it to be as big of an obstacle as any other we could come up against. 

I asked to take a look at Rumble’s map. And there we saw a haze floating in the area indicated immediately to our front with here and there some bright red spots. There are no apparent easy ways around it. And another check with Noralei’s compass shows we need to continue on our present course. 

I asked Dunfallon to check out those red patches. He returned in short order with a fantastic report of a swirling mass of fire. And more disturbing, as he closed on it, it moved towards him. 

He thinks that with the aid of Merlin’s map we should have no problem navigating through these new obstacles.

The Fairy Diary Day 192 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

When we look behind us at Merlin’s castle, we can more easily see the descent we have made to this lower level.  It calls to mind that we have so much further to go, now that we no longer have our goal in sight. And as we enter this wild desert land, Rumble’s map and Noralei’s compass become all the more valuable to us. 

Having never seen the like before, Noralei is fascinated by the landscape and its strange looking plants. (At least none of them are those dark monstrosities). Dunfallon took her in charge and brought her close up to some of the more interesting ones. 

Amused, Rumble and I just kept ambling along the heading he has plotted. 

All is level and straight for now. But his map shows obstacles ahead. Obstacles that from our current vantage are not visible. 

The Fairy Diary Day 187 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

A decision has been reached. And it is unanimous. We shall set out from here soon to the crystalline structure. No transport to an area closer to it would be wise. Merlin feels we would be more easily tracked if he were to do so. 

Rumble has pulled maps that will give us many options for routes to take. Merlin will mount them on a single parchment with very special abilities that will contain them all. 

Under the wizard’s instructions, Dunfallon and Noralei experimented with the red ashes.  They discovered that when dropping them on a glass they moved in the direction of the crystalline structure. So, Merlin has fashioned a glass case to carry them. 

It will serve us as a sort of compass. 

As I finish writing this, I am up on the rampart with our destination in view. And my pendant is vibrating. Is it urging me on or am I shaking under the weight of responsibility?

Day Six Hundred Seventy Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We passed the night down by the river northeast of the town. It was quiet and uneventful as the army was far from us, spread from south of the town westward towards the mountains.

However with the new day the tanker trucks were back. But not for long.

As we were watching them, they suddenly halted their operations and left. The wail of sirens hurried them off.

I followed Elijah to the top of a knoll. The sky was filled with shell bursts directed at the warplanes overhead. They were vectoring in from all points of the compass.

Elijah stood there, raised his staff over his head and shouted.

Every single warplane shuddered as though stricken and plummeted to earth.

Day Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

It’s been an up and down day. Literally. First up one structure then down the next. That’s if I could get in and if there were a connection to the next one. For you see, once atop one you could thoughtfully eliminate several points of the compass, but a whole lot more was obscured by taller structures nearby.

On the fifth structure, I caught a glint, a reflection of what might be water. There was no causeway to the next higher building, so I had to climb back down. I skipped the next one in favor of one beyond that seemed greatly taller and perhaps closer to the area of the sighting.

I am sitting in the dark awaiting morning.

Day Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Two points of the compass down. Two left to go. Or if I get picky, three hundred fifty six additional ones. Yet the area can grow exponentially between two adjacent points.

Does it make me more hopeful, or just discouraged? Depends on what time of the day you ask me. Right now at the end of the day I would say discouraged. But tomorrow morning – hope springs eternal, as they say. So I will look forward to that even now. I need to remind myself that I am not alone in this.

Another strategy is called for. If I could just find something that needs a bridge over it. A change in elevation? Another step between me and my goal?