The Fairy Diary Day 146 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our senses did not warn us of their presence. Strange. Since they are usually so noisy and their smell so over powering. 

There we were, satisfied in our renewed trust in one another when two trolls emerged from under a bridge we were about to cross. One on each side. 

The taller, and less ugly one demanded we pay a coin each before they would allow us to pass over. 

That was our first clue that they did not belong to the troll army. The second came when they backed off at Caywyn’s demand to know what they were doing on the King’s highway. 

Then they saw Dunfallon and begged the pixie’s help to get them back home. 

That is how we met Geog and his shorter brother Grimace. They are from a mountainous region far beyond the capital, among a tribe of trolls that treasures friendly relations with their pixie neighbors. 

We allowed them to join with us on a promise of their good behavior.