The Fairy Diary Day 211 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We passed the bulk of the day yesterday selecting the best spot to descend the cliff. Our stream has found a way down, but at present has only pooled at the base and has not yet found an exit to flow onwards. A dense jungle lies beyond that looks to have little or no access. 

This morning my pendant at the last revealed the best jumping off point. Rumble flew down and after a brief check around discovered a trail he thinks will serve.

We were all set to join him – but Dunfallon’s eagle did not answer his summons, adding more concern over the present whereabouts of our wizard friend. 

It didn’t take too much coaxing to get our pixie to accept an assist from Noralei. 

I think he held on more tightly than was necessary. 

She didn’t seem to mind.


The Fairy Diary Day 140 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It was Caywyn’s turn to impress us today. As promised beforehand he had to leave us on our own while he went to take care of something. 

We continued on by following his instructions, keeping to the path by the stream. Thankfully there were no signs of trolls, nor of anything else to menace us.

Actually there was not much else for us to see down there, just the same path and the same stream. However the canyon changed as we went along. Its walls seemed to stretch taller and taller. 

This troubled Rumble. He consulted his map and there discovered that this path dead ended somewhere up ahead. 

And so it proved after we rounded the last corner and saw that we were in a box canyon with a blank cliff wall before us. 

It was then that Dunfallon remarked that Caywyn’s notes on his map showed the path continuing. We were wondering what this all meant when Noralei interrupted by pointing out the figure of a human high above us on the cliff face. 

Caywyn waved down to us, then threw his whole weight into switching a huge lever. And slowly the cliff before us opened. 

We settled in to wait for Caywyn to make his way back to us.

Day One Thousand Thirteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

His message delivered, Elijah’s pupil took  leave and returned to his prime assignment.

Before we left this morning, Quasimo found the hothead’s mangled body at the base of the nearby cliff. All we know for sure is the dead man’s link to the traitor, that fact supplied by visions given to the first twelve. And can only guess that his actions were all an act put on to throw off suspicion.

I shudder to think we were leading him back to the hiding place.

Another messenger appeared on our path. This one for Quasimo. He brought a warning for us to change our route to circumvent a new outpost keeping a watch in that quarter.

And an increase of patrols.

Day Seven Hundred Sixty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We left the valley, but not for long. Tomas came to tell us that the trail ahead comes to an abrupt end. It was just fine when he checked yesterday. Now a cliff marks the end of the trail’s usefulness.

We returned to the valley to seek a new way out.

I stayed with Elijah and prayed while the others split up to better cover the possibilities.

Our focus was still northward, but if we were to exhaust all possibilities in that direction Elijah would prefer a westward trail that angles north.

At day’s end we collected for the night and compared notes. Two likely paths were also blocked.

Our concern is growing that an unseen agency is opposing us.