Day Four Hundred Thirty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

At long last we found a way up off of the beach.

It was during one of our down times. Elijah sat facing the ocean while communing with the One. I found a rivulet that sank into the sand before reaching the sea and followed it back in hopes that it would lead to an opening in the cliff wall. Or perhaps even a valley that could carry us into the interior.

Instead its source was a pool at the foot of the rock wall, fed by a waterfall down its face.

And running parallel to it was a rickety stairway structure. I clambered to the top and there, sitting abandoned was a lovely villa.

I ran to fetch Elijah.


Day Eighty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Before we arose, Stan went out to check on my conclusion based on the drone survey. He confirmed its findings.

Therefore when ready we set out for the trailhead.  The way was dark still and would be until the sun crested the cliff side. It seems Stan could not hike at our pace and was constantly running forward, then back to us.

We were midway on our trek when he returned from a similar foray with the report that the way ahead was impassable. Lyle launched his drone to check the extent of the problem.

A cliff wall section is down. My companions declined to swim around. Instead, Stan recommended we try the lake’s other side. We return to camp.