Day Seventy Four #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle was no where in sight when I awoke this morning. He had the last watch. All was peaceful at the hand over, no hint of any problem. So I had no immediate reaction, thinking that he was simply out of sight by necessity. And not far off.

I went for a quick walk about. Still no Lyle, but all peaceful.

That is, until I went back into our tent. Rufus and Clarissa were raising an unholy ruckus.

They calmed the minute they saw me.

I then noticed that both drones were gone from their places. I was thinking that he wanted to check out the village but needed to cross the bridge and get closer. I decided to follow.

Day Sixty Five #DayoftheEndoftheWorld

An alarm went off upon entering the public auditorium.

Rufus and Clarissa followed suit. Lyle was able to calm them and I located the alarm and shut it off.

Then we waited to see if anyone would respond to it. After ten minutes when no one came to see who had tripped the alarm, Lyle and I began to debate whether or not it was a warning to us to avoid the  area; or an alert to them that they may avoid us.

I opt for the latter scenario, but Lyle is almost equally sure of the first.

The hall and its environs are well appointed, and will likely give up many a treasure to us and our persistence. Later.

Day Sixty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I confess an uneasiness throughout the day. It was a very narrow path, I mean like walking a tight rope in places. No view has any depth but that which is ahead or behind. To our sides are nothing but trees. And that is the source of my uneasiness for I felt as if our every step was under surveillance from that quarter.

The birds were markedly quiet also, a fact that bothered Lyle even more.

That all changed after the trail took a climbing switchback, crossed a stream, and rose above the tree line. The weight of oppression fell off all of us at the same instant. And the sing song between Rufus and Clarissa continued loud and clear.

Day Sixty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The path that Lyle settled upon took us over two hills and then arrived beside a lake a little past lunch time. We were in good spirits, confident that we were finally on the right path. And we saw trout jumping in and out of the water.  So out came the nets and some fishing line.

We had fish for supper and Lyle prepared them making them tastier with help from the hazelnuts. We gave Rufus and Clarissa each a morsel. I believe that Clarissa by her actions was actually begging for another just after finishing hers. Lyle agreed with that assessment and ripped off another piece to feed her. He added another one for Rufus, but he didn’t care.

Day Fifty Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Our way was blocked today. I’m afraid there is no going further by this route. This time it was not the drones that alerted us, but rather a sweep by Rufus and Clarissa.

We’ve decided to pitch camp and explore our options before retracing our steps. Besides I saw Clarissa trying to crack a hazelnut that she had found.  Upon further examination of the location I discovered dozens of heavily laden hazelnut trees. We’re at least getting something out of our dead end.

We’re not being watched, nor are we being followed, so we have no anxiety on either count. Neither of us want to have a misstep and disappoint the one who is calling us. We are human though.

Day Fifty Five #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We were awakened by a crash of thunder before daylight. Thankfully it gave us time to stay dry as it preceded the rain by a considerable amount. We made certain that our tents were properly staked and supported. The thought of going out after it passed was discouraging. Alright, depressing.

Rufus and Clarissa couldn’t be happier. Their tweeting became so loud it was hard to hear yourself think.

And we needed to think. Therefore, we decided to stay put today and to talk things through.

Lyle and I went over our plans with a fine tooth comb. Just to make sure we were parting things in the right direction. We’ve just one disagreement, which we don’t have to decide yet.

Day Fifty One PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

It’s getting so that I trust Clarissa better than the electronics package on my drone.

A wind swept in from the mountains, carrying the fragrance of alpine flowers and pine needles. I felt the urge ever stronger to be on my way. I decided to give Lyle one more day. If he does not show by tomorrow morning, I’m going to press on.

My drone has revealed that there appears to be two paths to choose from.  One is wide enough for vehicles; the other is just a footpath. It is harder to see where the latter goes for it often disappears beneath the forest growth. I am seeing that characteristic as very desirable.

The sooner tomorrow comes the better.

Day Fifty PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Clarissa is taking to our new camp with great ease. For me I feel anything but ease.

I am waiting again for Lyle to reach us. I am convinced that wherever he is, when he can seize the opportunity he will join us.

Meanwhile I placed my drone in orbit around our perimeter. There was absolutely nothing in its scanner. Therefor I increased its coverage, staying on this side of the wall.

Today it was able to cover a sizable distance in both directions. By its means, I pinpointed the exact location of another gateway, one that perhaps does not involve a trap.

And best of all I have seen a sign that Lyle may already be on this side.

Day Forty Six PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

No sign of Lyle. He probably won’t be back today.

I continued a grid search of the area for rope. Nothing. But I am edging ever nearer to the section where we last sighted an intruder. I am taking it slower and slower. Can’t be too cautious.

Clarissa stays close. And she appears perfectly content, without a care in the world. I take it as a good sign.

Spend some time watching the automated processes every time the one gate opens. I realize that a live person will eventually put in an appearance to properly maintain the mechanisms out here. There is only so much machines can do. It would increase the odds of discovery. Pray Lyle gets back soon.

Day Forty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Disaster. Double disaster. We awoke this morning to a swarm of drones around the building in which we took refuge last evening. And that wasn’t bad enough. In our efforts to avoid detection, we discovered that this section of the city has no outlet to the country beyond.

Lyle wanted to backtrack and try again, over and to the right. I argued for caution. By hanging around and observing, a hidden passage might come to light. That is, if there is one.

Clarissa continues to be a great help. She seems to know from which direction the drones are coming minutes before they appear.

And we found one area of promise. Things seem to appear out of thin air there.