Day One Hundred Twenty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle went back into the west end in search of city rulers, keeping an eye pealed for Stan.

I could do little but think about it all day. And about the things that Lyle learned yesterday.

The supervisor had not been hard to find. He exuded power and confidence, and Lyle thought that here was one who must be one of the chief leaders.

But this notion collapsed when Lyle asked his questions. He revealed that only someone higher could answer.

He explained that he dealt with the movement of people and things only.  And along those lines he told Lyle the rulers were opposed to those on the east end for their claim that there is only one way.

Day One Hundred Fourteen AM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Lyle writes:

Enough returned from the west end today after an overnight absence. It was a little disturbing that he did not get back last night. But that passed quickly after the thought came to commit him to the Spirit.

We were all thankful when he rejoined us, and were happy to be introduced to his new friend Kip.

When we were alone later, he informed me that the city rulers may be actively avoiding any contact from outsiders. Something he said made me think of another possible stratagem.

I was joking of course.