Day Ninety Three #DairyoftheEndoftheWorld

We got an early start this morning at Lyle’s insistence. Trouble is, there are a few more things missing than we realized yesterday.

For one, the binoculars are gone. We assume that Stan never returned them when last he had them. Lyle says it’s okay and that we’ll just have to rely more on my excellent vision and what he calls my foresight. I’m flattered but think he is actually counting on our drones to fill that need.

About midday the first village this side of the mountain came into our view. Many more lay beyond, with the city on the plain farther still, beckoning before the desert.

We should be standing near its humble buildings this same time tomorrow.


Day Eighty Five PM #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We descended the other side of the mountain. The trail is as handy as the one upon which we ascended.

Lyle and I are satisfied with the answers to the questions put to our new companion. In the main, Stan (for that is the name he goes by) was headed away from the destination because he was looking for us. He felt it best to secure what he was looking for by seeking our company first.

And he explains that his only motive is that we be hastened on our way.  To that end he has informed us that all these small villages in sight have been abandoned, and advises that we go directly to the city on the plain.