Day Seven Hundred Ninety One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

P milked all we could recall about his brother G in our recent time with him. He longs to see him again. I assured him that his desire would come to pass.

Elijah added that he was initiating the first step to that coming day. He announced that all who desire to go up to Jerusalem be ready to depart tomorrow. To that end he dispatched Mei and Tomas to circulate among the camps seeking those who will go.

Elijah then turned to the Captain and asked him to do the same in the city by the prairie.

This astonished our old friend and I saw him waver. But to his credit he shook his personal feelings off and acquiesced.


Day Seven Hundred Eighty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Mei introduced us to the members of her command, assembled from all the non-hunter camps she had spent time in the past few days. Her acquaintance with them dates back further than that. One might call them deserters from the army of the East, but she prefers to call them former comrades in arms.

Elijah thanked them and desired that they be allowed to return to their camps. Most did, but not before they put in place a rotating guard throughout the night.

The five of us conferred about our next move, but we concluded nothing until this morning.

Before anything else, Elijah decided that we have another problem to solve in regards to the city by the prairie.