Do Not Rage

Do Not Rage

Do not rage against the light
nor against the One who made it
Do not dare to mock His right
to do with you as He sees fit

People or things
People or things
On which side do you come down on?
For He died upon a thing
Not for it
But for you.



Imaginary Friend?

Imaginary Friend_

Some suppose
A belief in God
To be a
Misplaced claim
Or at its
Lowly best
“There, there,
That’s no way
To use your brain.”

“The poor clod
Is merely clinging
To a friend
So suggests
My adversary

If such be the case
With you
What say that you
Seek the answer to
Who imagined you?


Silvered Hair

Silvered Hair

(The birthday girls in their birthday month).

You can have your gold
On its looks, I’m not sold
Give me silver and its gleam
That – I whole-heartily esteem

But if you think
This whim strange
Your opinion
I seek to change
For God Himself
Gives His approbation
On His saints
In silver acclamation

Render to them your praise
Fitting their renown
As complement to the Lord’s
Silver crown.

[Proverbs 16:31]


I Know

I Know

I know
Thy Word is living
And speaking
“Follow Me.”

I know
That by Thy Truth
I am set free
To be
All You meant me to be

I know
Thy Spirit quickens
And meets my every need
All I need do is ask
And You give
Boldness for any task

I know
That You know me
And I have no higher desire
Than to live my days before
The eyes of Holy Fire

And with those similarly viewed
Laying claim to the same insight
By the hope that purifies imbued,
Cleansed that we may be light.


Hands of the Living God

Temptation of St Anthony by H Bosch

Sinner before the Lord’s tribunal
Held in the Hands of the living God
For the Lord’s not just judge but witness
To all your years as you trod the sod

Not summoned before a peer-made jury
But to face all alone His hell bound fury
Perhaps you think it’s all been fated
Kept in the Hands of the living God

Hanging uneven ‘tween hell and Heaven
What would tip the scales to bring them even?
With what now can they be freighted?
Held by the Hands of the living God

With breath in silence bated
Not even a single wrong unstated
Know you not
The judge who passes sentence
Whose final word is final law
No longer waits for you
To take stock of what you’ve done

What will be the final decision
Was it His or was it yours all along
When you crawled from the Hands of the living God


Why Does the Eternal


How does the Eternal
Enter the temporal?
How does immense vastness
Put limits to that grandness?

Well, He did
And He does
But you ask
The cause?

Much better to ask “Why?”

Why come at all
To be so small?
Why show your face
When they heap on disgrace?
Why submit your back
To their wonton attack?

What could motivate that?

We read why
In John Three Sixteen
We are all
Mary Magdalene.