The Fairy Diary Day 350 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It was a day for saying goodbyes. Nililitil and Navril mustered the elves of light and after a touching ceremony in which Fliget gifted each with a cuirass of the finest dwarfish workmanship, they departed for Laguayil. 

Nililitil promised to send out orders for all in his kingdom to watch for any sign of our Will’o’the Wisp. 

The Dromadil pixies listened to a fine speech by Dunfallon in which he presented each with a sack of gold as their thanks from the dwarves. When they were dismissed they took up the rear guard to the Laguayilian troops. 

Next, Fliget saluted our pixie with a surprising gift – a harp of gold that he can carry in his pocket – it grows when played and shrinks back to pocket size afterwards. (The regent thought its music would be the perfect accompaniment to Dunfallon’s stories).

My turn for farewells came shortly after Merlin’s return. There in the city square before all its denizens, Fliget placed a new pendant around my neck. It sported a tiny crystal, so it fit quite nicely and did not clash with my other two pendants. He tells me it has the power to protect me against the ill effects that ordinarily I would suffer in the presence of iron ore. 

As proof he revealed that its chain was of that material. I felt marvelous. 

Without further adieus Merlin and I were off for his castle. Dunfallon by mutual consent is traveling on his eagle, the better to check for signs of Willie. 

And hopefully we will soon know whether or not Rumble and Noralei will be joining us.


The Fairy Diary Day 4 #TFDbyRWOz2

The Fairy Diary Day 4

Meribabell writes:

Noralei doesn’t think my new trinket is made from any precious metal that she has ever known. I felt quite anxious when I handed it to her. And became more so when she started to bend one section. Before I could take it back she moved to her forge. I wrenched it back from her before she could plunge it into the flames. 

This upset my friend. She folded those massive arms and asked just what I wanted her to do with the thing. 

I was speechless for two wing beats, then asked if she could mount it on a chain to wear around my neck. 

Noralei laughed out loud and pointed out that it was almost as big as my head. 

She thought she had me there. But I said I would take it in to the High Fairy.