The Fairy Diary Day 562 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It was a time of frantic activity. And I am so thankful for our time on the elvish ship, so long ago. For the lessons learned then were put to good use here. 

The fabric additions that Tinadell had woven onto the line were now unfurled like sails and spread in a fan like manner across the gap. The blowing wind even helped us. 

And utilizing the model put together by Merlin and Noralei, the Master Weaver directed us in securing it all around its perimeter. 

When we had effectually sealed off the rift, the rush of air out of the Land of Plenty ceased. And as a final touch Merlin took out a phial within which was a greenish liquid. He gave it to me with instructions to anoint the completed screen. 

I flew up on my own, picked a spot in the center and poured out the entire contents of the phial. Amazingly it covered the whole – adding the sheen of a rainbow across the face of it. This was a thrill in particular for Gibley (so we learned) for they were a representation of his clan’s design and colors. 

After admiring our handiwork our party drifted back to the nearby cavern where we discussed our next steps. And I wrote out a note on the scroll to the High Fairy. 


The Fairy Diary Day 559 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The rest of us had our instructions also. While Tinadell and Merlin remained in the chamber to monitor the strand as it paid out, we were each assigned to a dragon with our own tasks. 

Dunfallon left on Conjil with the assignment to meet Gibley when he emerges at the other end of the tunnel. Tinadell said it comes out at a lower level than the cavern from which we staged our searches. 

Noralei, on Rayjil, was appointed to retrieve the other strand anchored to the rock on the other side. I was to accompany them on Cluyjil and while she minded the loose end I was to make sure that it was not in danger of severing back along its exposed length. 

It was a quick transit without the constant harassment of the wind. Our two dragons grew somewhat frisky as they did not need to battle its turbulence at the mouth of the rift. I let Cluyjil have his head as he showed off for Rayjil by orbiting her and Noralei. But then reined him in the closer we approached the secured end of the other strand. 

After reaching our destination, Noralei pronounced the strand intact and sent me off to follow it back up to its source. This Cluyjil and I did. 

However, at the mouth of its small tunnel, I found a lot of slack in the line. Concerned I tugged on it and was glad when it at last pulled taut. 

I mounted Cluyjil to return to Noralei but stopped when my pendants signaled danger. I drew my bow and notched an arrow and shot into the dark opening. A worm slid out and died at my feet. 

The Fairy Diary Day 554 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We took turns going out on Cluyjil and Conjil – that is, Noralei, Gibley, and me. Merlin remained behind in the cavern shielded by the enclosure. He is using his seers stone to try to locate the strands that need to be rewoven together. He has given us something better than a description – he conjured up a vision of what it looks like. 

It is striking in color or actually colors. Very reminiscent of our views of the rainbow images we are familiar with in our experiences in this land. Only we have no idea of its size. Merlin says we must find both ends for they are the linch pins that Tinadell will require to seal up the gap. 

Each of us must have made five trips out – all with nothing to show for it, other than the locations of small bits of fabric flapping in the wind. Noralei and the wizard are putting together a model of where everything is that should prove very helpful come time for Tinadell to make his repairs. 

As I listen to the wind howling outside I wonder where Dunfallon and Rayjil are and how they are faring. 

The Fairy Diary Day 553 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The evidence was plain for all to see. There was a hole at the end of this gorge from this world into ours. With each gush of wind the fabric around its edges flapped freely. 

Merlin called upon Dunfallon and gave him the assignment to return to Nonin-gal-dith and bring back Tinadell to affect the repair needed.  His instructions were simple – by flying through this aperture they will come out to the north of Dromadil. From there the wizard had confidence the pixie knew the way. 

Dunfallon chose Rayjil and together they exited the cavern out into the slipstream, and were immediately lost to our view. 

It took my breath away. 

Then, Merlin assembled us for some explanations. When Noralei and the others had defeated the Dark One an unfortunate event had occurred. In his fall the enemy snagged a single strand and pulled it from the fabric of this world, and at that instant things began to unravel between the worlds. 

In closing the wizard gave us all the assignment – to find that strand – before Dunfallon returns with Tinadell. 

The Fairy Diary Day 552 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Unlike before, the snowfall did not let up. We were hoping to wait it out in order to travel with fewer challenges. But Merlin announced that he believes that from here on out the wind propelling the snow will not cease. Instead we should take the occasion to use it to follow its lead to where this world is leaking into ours. 

However, it proved a little difficult to motivate the dragons to venture out into the maelstrom – even with Dunfallon’s whispers and an united effort on all our parts to coax them out of the enclosure. In the end the wizard took the initiative – and with a wave of his hand removed the enclosure and folded it, as he had done before. 

The dragons discovered that an occasional breath of fire counteracted the harsher aspects of the weather. Still we each took the precaution of roping ourselves to our mounts – Noralei and Merlin on Cluyjil; Gibley on Conjil; and Dunfallon and myself on Rayjil.

It was a wild ride. At times we lost sight of one another, but the dragons, time and again, reunited us without colliding. Finally when the rush was at its greatest and the walls of the narrow gorge were closing in on us and we were forced into single file, Merlin motioned for us to land. 

He had spotted a cavern to one side and we took shelter within. 

After Gibley placed the enclosure to shield us from the gale, Merlin said to us, “Now I know why a weaver is called for.”

The Fairy Diary Day 413 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We began the day in high hopes, for Dunfallon found a promising cavern entrance. It  was somewhat of a climb to reach its level, but with a team effort we helped Gibley carry the hatchling there. The ground outside was littered with broken dragon training staffs and worn out bits of harnesses. 

We had an incredible feeling that we had finally arrived. 

But it came crashing down after a band of goblins materialized from out of the rock walls. 

But not before Gibley had rushed forward to greet his uncle. The haughty goblin did not even acknowledge his nephew. 

Gibley stammered his protest, mumbling something about his parents and holding up the hatchling for his approval. None of which moved our opponent. 

Instead his uncle made it clear that he considered Gibley a traitor and as such is banned from their kingdom forever. And as he looked around at all of us we knew none of us were welcome either. 

We departed as fast as we could. 

We fairies and our pixie turned our attention to the distraught goblin. I told him he was welcome to come with us. And Noralei and Dunfallon volunteered to help him raise the hatchling. 

The Fairy Diary Day 409 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We are making our way, best we can, to the cavern outside of which Dunfallon discovered the dragon training staff. He reported that there are no direct paths to it. All of the canyons on this side run away from it. According to Rumble’s map we could follow the river to a canyon that runs directly to it – but it looks to be five times as long as going straight over the top of the mountainous plateau between here and there.

For his part, Gibley apologized that he could offer no help. The first time he was outside of his goblin home was on the inside of the bag held by the dark elves. 

In thinking over the problem I could not help but surmise that the other cavern spotted by our pixie might just be another entrance into the place we want to be. And despite its access looking to be the most difficult canyon to traverse we chose to challenge it. 

And if it proves a dead end we shall attempt going over the high plateau.  

The Fairy Diary Day 300 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Noralei told us that we have passed the last landmark that she remembers from her first foray. There where the passage had swollen into a huge cavern were many structures fashioned from wood brought from above. 

It was impressive, but unidentifiable as to origin. Dunfallon said the scale is all wrong for pixies, and added that goblins would not have added the decorative touches that exist throughout. 

Rumble put forth a guess that it just might be fairy made. 


We discussed whether or not it might be the place to stop the next wave of dark elves. 

We decided instead to press on.

Day One Thousand One Hundred Eighty Seven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Elijah has a bead on an explanation behind all our questions. He took me on a walk. Alone this time – across the entire cavern to the set apart place.

He posits that our movements and certain interactions with others had influenced the actions of the armies in question. In essence we kept the conflicts from escalating because the energies of one or the other was focused on us.

The Spirit has used us to hold the enemies apart until the fullness of time.

But once we were alone in the set apart place, far from listening ears, he disclosed the most harrowing details. The designs against Mawuli, he fears, will not only include his sacrifice but also some unnamable abuse.

Day One Thousand One Hundred Fifty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

A day of rest was decreed for the hiding place. The rumble of so many people noticeably lessened. A sigh of contentment passed like a wave throughout the whole cavern.

Elijah disappeared somewhere. Not in the set apart place. (I checked).

In my search I crossed paths with Tomas, and he wanted to talk.

So, as not to disturb anyone, we took our conversation outside. There Tomas poured out his concerns for Mr Kagi. They coincided with mine in every instance except one. And that consideration I had not even imagined. Tomas thinks that Mr Kagi may be in mortal danger, since the Supreme Commander no longer lives to shield him from certain elements of the army of the East.