The Fairy Diary Day 468 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I feel good about today’s accomplishments. Almost all the major improvements have been added. 

According to Merlin’s plan the bell is no longer inside the base of the repository formed by a circle of giant trees. The Queen’s carpenters have hewn out another high above the first. And with the combined power of every fairy here, led by the High Fairy, we have lifted it up into that new aerie. Thus fulfilling the part of the plan in which we should never have to remove it again. And the bell striker will be left with the Caretaker in the event the need arises to call anyone back from the other side. 

The High Fairy and I coaxed new growth in the upper regions and wove the new branches into an additional barrier around the Crack of Doom. 

The only major feature not addressed was that proposed by Noralei. Drawing from her experience on the other side she envisions the bell being bathed in a cloud of light – as a sure deterrent against the Dark One. 

However, how to achieve that remains the biggest problem to solve. Fire is out of the question- given its setting here in this great forest. Perhaps a crystal would answer, but then which one. 

We shall have to confer further. 


The Fairy Diary Day 460 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Although the Faerie Queen set things in motion yesterday by dispatching her personal aide to where the Crack of Doom is held in secret, Dunfallon and I were sent back to our quarters again – to wait. A fact that was not as grating on my pixie friend as before with the promise that the bell was to be delivered to a tower on the inner wall of the queen’s castle. There the Queen’s carpenters under the High Fairy’s supervision were assigned to prepare a scaffolding for it. 

We joined them when Merlin returned with representatives from the dwarves, the elves and the goblins. The wizard has calculated the necessity of each having a hand in the ringing of the bell. All responded willingly. 

So, after Dunfallon helped lash the bell to the framework of the scaffolding and most importantly of all had immobilized its clapper from swinging, we were ready to begin. The pixie and I lined up with the other representatives from the other lands around the object Rumble had fashioned and awaited the Queen’s order. 

At her nod we rammed the bell striker at the Crack of Doom.


We felt the sound first through our hands on the striker. Then in the air speeding away from the tower in a deep sonorous roar. 

Then the wait began.