The Fairy Diary Day 16 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Rumbletwist changed direction today. He actually looped back to that human track and appeared to be following the troop from yesterday. 

I kept on after him. 

And that is how I witnessed a remarkable scene. 

A man, a straggler from the caravan, had stopped beside the road and was poking among some rocks. He was getting ever nearer to a lumpish mound of earth at the base of a huge pine tree. 

I supposed something glittery caught his notice. Not a good idea where pixies are concerned. They swarmed him and drove him into the woods. And another band made off with his horse. 

I should have been paying more attention to my own position and could not get a shot off.


Day Seven Hundred Nineteen #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I could not stop thinking about G and his people and the road ahead of them. And wondering if we forgot to relate to them anything that might make their pilgrimage less perilous.

Tomas, thankfully, had given him valuable information for dealing with the Supreme Commander should they run afoul of his massive army. And Elijah wonderfully encouraged him.

This train of thought halted when the Captain spotted movement ahead of us, and for all appearances coming directly for us.

After the briefest of discussions, we continued on our course.

At one point they halted for no other reason I can think of, except they saw us.

It was a caravan of merchants. We passed one another in absolute silence.