Day Two Hundred Sixty Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I convinced Elijah to return with me into the building above. I wanted him to get an understanding of the city’s layout. And I had something important to share – between us alone.

We felt the burn in our calves after ascending those stairs.

Coming out of the stairwell on the 20th, the view of where we’ve been, greeted us – the river, the bridges and the distant mountain. We crossed to the back where the view of where we’re going awaited.

There were stark contrasts – lots of construction ahead on the left – nothing to the right.

Elijah thanked me. He now knows where we will go next.

I then shared that I saw Stan last night. Roaming the deserted streets below.


Day Two Hundred Fifty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I believe our host is more paranoid about the world government than I am.  

Case in point, I went out for a morning walk to familiarize myself with the area, but before I could, he stopped me. He did finally let me go but only after he laid down a most stringent set of rules.

I cannot go back to the wall area, as it is frequently patrolled. Nor can I head down to the bridges, unless it be at night and in their company.

This time of day that only leaves two directions and in those sectors he requires that I stay under cover.

I did go out but not very far.

Elijah will have to talk to him.

Day Two Hundred Fifty One #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We came to the mountain peak  at first light. Courtesy of the Spirit.

The view is unobstructed in all directions.  I wanted to see this view on our outbound trip weeks ago, but we kept to the pass which meanders by, far beneath us. We turn our backs on the flattened city with the fields and desert beyond and take in the other view. We see the walled city and its bridges where Elijah and I met.

Its distance means nothing. We could be there now if we wanted.

For now we wait.

I am intrigued by the ocean that awaits beyond that.

Day Ten #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

I reached the river this afternoon. For it is a river that the bridge, or rather three bridges cross. Now a new question presents itself. Which is the correct one? They are not parallel to one another, so it’s not like it doesn’t matter which one I take.

The furthest one away is the one I saw from the heights. It crosses over the next bend of the river and appears to head northward to the mountains.

The nearest one appears to cross the river to a broad boulevard that follows the river back the direction that I came from.

The middle choice appears to split the difference, but I do not know if I should.

I’ll sleep on it.