The Fairy Diary Day 121 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We departed just a little later than planned. But it was time well spent. The defenders wanted our best ideas for protecting the border having heard about our efforts elsewhere. Rumble and Dunfallon felt honored to be so asked. 

In return they proved helpful to us by directing us to a better path than what we had originally chosen. And the Captain of the Watch provided what is perhaps the most important bit of information of all. He said to beware of thinking a town was abandoned and empty based solely on what meets your eye. 

This wisdom saved us from grievous harm in the first human village we came to. Though all appeared deserted and desolate we remained alert. If we hadn’t, a starving wild boar would have made off with our very own pixie. 

It was a lesson that each of us has taken to heart.

Day Six Hundred Thirty Two #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

From day to day the heat has been mounting. I do not know if it is a function of going deeper into the desert, or the accumulation of days since Elijah sealed the heavens, commanding this drought.

Tomas located another well, so we have resupplied handsomely. There was a nearby shallow pool whose shrunken border gave clear evidence of the effectiveness of the drought.

At the evening meal (Elijah still abstains), I broached the subject of night travel again. And again the consensus was against me. At least for now.

As to the topic of fasting, I have the desire on my part, but not a clear cut permission to do so.

Grappling with these decisions makes for long nights.