Peter and the Serpent is Now Here

The graphic on the book cover is from a Hogarth illustration that depicted Tyburn, the place of the gallows in London. A major location in my screenplay.

Follow this link to your favorite online bookstore.


Chalk Up Another Book Cover Design

Two more of the script’s antagonists – Sean and Egbert – picking on the canine Codger.

Finally getting the title all together last time was a big improvement. So, wanting a graphic with more scale and with a feeling of location, I called up a former one. Getting closer.

Available for preorder on Applebooks. One day to go until release.

Look! Look! A Sixth Book Cover Version

The lair of the Ratcatcher, one of the antagonists from my screenplay Peter and the Serpent.

Two days to go before my third publication comes out.

Available for preorder on Applebooks. Amazon for Kindle, paperback and hardbound soon.

Fifth Book Cover Design and Counting

Meet Jacob, a minor character in Peter and the Serpent, hard at work protecting the community.

Some minor alterations, but I want to experiment some more.

Peter and the Serpent launches in three days time. It is available for preorder at Applebooks (Kindle coming up shortly, as well as paperback and hardbound editions).

First Off the Drawing Board for Peter and the Serpent

Judged it too busy. And not well put together. Had the idea of a storyboard construct, but it would take better graphic skills than I have to make it pop. And that serpent -UGH!

I found the English illustrator William Hogarth to be a greet inspiration in writing Peter and the Serpent.