beauty comes

why is it 
when we see
a picture
perfect sky

something deep
within us
says that 
that is beauty

it pulls
us outside

and engenders 
a longing
for more

when angels
the birth 

and glory
fills the skies
would we see
beauty otherwise

without eyes born new
He will have 
no form
to attract you



Look at Me Daddy

Look at Me Daddy

“Look at me, Daddy!”
She said with a thrill
As she set her two-wheeler
To go down the big hill.

She inched down the drive
Past the point of the bump
(So that bicycle seat
Would not give her a thump).

Straight down the path
Between the gravelly ruts,
O’er the leveler grass
Now burnt into tufts.

All the way to the level
She sat tall in her glide
While her long golden hair
Swished side to side.

Just a moment in time
Now in my mind fore’er etched
Left me musing on the porch
After the words perfect to sketch
All I was feeling inside.

Then, from above my head
And down into my view
A perfectly dazzling and golden
Exquisite butterfly flew.

So tiny, so fragile
Alive only a day,
Yet spreads beauty around her
As she goes on her way.