The Fairy Diary Day 128 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I find traveling on this empty road – which should be swarming with people – more eerie than the battlefield populated by the dead. We pass meadows and glens and pastures and woodlands. Picturesque and fetching. Highly desirable for any group of fairies to settle in. And perhaps in the past there may well have been fairy habitations here among the humans. (Rumble has found mysterious hints of such in a few of the histories he consulted). 

Even Dunfallon hangs back a bit to stay in line of sight with us, so I know he’s a little nervous himself. 

Rumble feels we should come to the first post or fort early tomorrow. So we will soon have some decisions to make. 

If nothing untoward occurs.


The Fairy Diary Day 126 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

I am still disturbed by our experience of yesterday. What we have learned by that and going through the battlefield beforehand has been far less than we expected to find. But that which we did learn was momentous. 

The mere thought of all that iron – just lying there – sends chills through me. 

It’s all I could think about today as we traversed an empty plain. And the same thought was shared by Rumble and Dunfallon and the High Fairy too – the iron must be meant for use by the enemy in his planned assault on the Faerie Kingdom. 

Yet for all that our enemy remains faceless – a complete mystery. We know only his/her/its chosen tools – wolves, trolls, and a vindictive Will’o’the Wisp.

The Fairy Diary Day 125 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Following a gloomy night, we looked forward to the sunrise that hopefully would reward us with a happier day. And so it started. The sun looking down on us was downright cheery – but it did not last. 

Rumble made the discovery this time. He was following Dunfallon when on a sudden he shuddered and came to a halt. He called the pixie back, then turned to warn me.

By then my pendant already was pulling me back and away from a mound beside the path. 

Dunfallon, having gotten the closest, told us we needed to find another way forward other than by the route beside the mound. 

It was not actually a mound but a crevice in the earth that stretched well beyond that point and was filled to overflowing with weapons. Weapons that someone or something had dragged up from the battlefield and abandoned there. 

Rumble spoke the thought in all our minds – the weapons were made of iron – that metal most deadly to the life and essence of a fairy. 

I directed our path away from there trusting to the leading of my pendant. 

The Fairy Diary Day 124 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon was first upon the scene of a vast slaughter. He hurried us forward with descriptions of the remains of a battle. Clearly the combatants were humans and trolls, judging by the bodies splayed open to the skies. With here and there an occasional wolf carcass. 

There was no easy way around, as it spread in both directions as far as we could see.

We stopped to discuss whether to cross through the battlefield or not. It was a short discussion for we all agreed we needed to do so – if only to learn something more about the enemy. 

Dunfallon led the way and kept a tally on the way. There were far and away more human bodies than trolls. So we concluded that the troll army had been the victors. 

Yet gaining the other side which was the high ground we could not make out where, if at all, the victors left the field. 

The eeriness of the place dampened all our spirits. 

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Twenty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We were hesitant this morning about whether we should push on or not.  The battlefield to the south had fallen silent,  and no victorious troops (which we assumed were the armies of the East and North) had moved up into the positions vacated by the world government.

Mawuli removed every reason that we thought could hold us there when he simply stated that we must move on, and do so immediately. Every member of our party simultaneously felt impressed with the same instruction.

So in short order we decamped.

Along the way Mr. Kagi had a revelation and asked me a question- why were there no warplanes?

I then told him what had happened up near the reservoir above Jerusalem.

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Eleven #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We have not budged from this location. There is a growing sense among us that some big change is close at hand. Even the far off battlefield fell silent when we first stirred at sunrise. And eerily has remained so all day.

Tomas has been in and out of camp constantly, I do believe, traveling further afield in each instance. I suppose it serves a dual purpose – our protection, and his sanity.

The Captain struck up another conversation with me. This time at last directly addressing the question he skirted around yesterday.

We all know we shall fall before the return of Hamashiach. He was curious if I knew who would perish first, Elijah and me, or him and Tomas.

Day One Thousand Two Hundred Ten #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We all are thankful to have left behind last night’s place of rest. The stench arising from the battlefield, though three day’s journey in the past, was settling its rankness over the locale, due to the prevalent wind current. Or, perhaps some other malevolent agency.

Tonight’s location promises to be free of that annoyance.

Upon arrival here, Tomas’s selection, Elijah announced his intent for us to wait here until further notice.

He could state no reasons in particular. Only that an uneasiness in his spirit was prompting it.

I had no such feelings. Rather, I still felt keenly the need to be moving ever closer to Babylon, and to Mr. Kagi’s aid.

That all changed as we began to intercede.