Day One Hundred #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The water in the river stopped flowing – somewhere upstream out of our sight.

Lyle called me out of the tent with the news. After a brief burst of rushing about we were all packed and across the waterless obstacle on ground that was only damp.

On the other side the woods were thick and choked with under brush. It took some time to find a path that led us off of the river bank.

I was left wondering, did Lyle do it? I certainly didn’t see him do it this time. No chance of asking now, it would all be too easy to deny.

Without any further trouble we arrived in the next village. A crossroads really. No one here.


Day Twenty Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We took a circuitous route to the second bridge and spent the night under the near end on the shelf. Lyle confirmed to me that he did at one time occupy this space, but moved to better accommodate his pigeons.

With no sign of the intruder this morning, we continued to retrace my steps, crossing the bridge to the south bank.

Nearing the subterranean section I cautioned Lyle on what could lay ahead, and steeled myself. It could be a perfect place for the intruder to lie in wait for us.

Lyle did not think so. He released his lone pigeon, which flew the length and back. No problem. And so it proved for us. We reclaimed my former camp.