The Fairy Diary Day 241 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The river now lies behind us and the mountains are rising to meet us. The farmlands are giving way to woodlands and there are fewer elves about. No doubt most of them are archers and were called up long ago. 

For the first time we had to show Nililitil’s passport. A barrier had been placed athwart the road and guarded by the largest elves I have ever seen. The passport proved its worth. They ushered us through and bid us all speed. 

Rumble commented afterwards that they seemed on edge, constantly scanning the skies towards the north. 

Just after that experience, we had a message from the High Fairy. He has arrived in Dromadil. The Laguayilian armies are arriving and Merlin is already there. The Faerie Queen’s forces will be there soon. He was optimistic and reported that all was quiet across the lake. 

Even so I cannot shake a growing sense of forboding. 

That and Rumble thought he saw black birds flitting around in the woods.

The Fairy Diary Day 226 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The call has gone out for archers. Nililitil thinks enough bowmen can be collected from the countryside and the woodlands to surround and protect Laguayil.

They were to be gathered anyway as the first step to prepare for marching on the black crystalline structure. This has made it all the more urgent. 

Noralei also begged an audience with Nililitil to discuss an idea with him and his wise elves. It was granted. 

I knew without asking that she was going to propose a larger version of the barrier she carries to protect us against iron weapons and as we discovered – against a hornet attack. 

Now, if only Rumble and I could come up with something to contribute.