The Fairy Diary Day 331 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Expecting a long wait, we established a rotation among the four of us (excluding Merlin) to keep a watch on the Low-way for anyone bearing the dragon egg. Merlin set to an examination of the Will’o’the Wisp. He was intrigued by our description of that overpowering feeling of vengeance that had plagued us (that is – Noralei and me). 

It was during my watch that the wizard came down to query me in particular. 

When he told me that this affliction was more common among dwarves rather than elves, I explained to him about our encounter with Artoxon and his people. This alarmed him greatly, especially when I related to him their history. 

We were then interrupted by Noralei who came down to report that the dragon egg was on the move – away from us.