The Fairy Diary Day 108 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The way ahead is changing – from heavy forest to more open land. A clear indication that we are nearing the last fairy village and the border with the human lands. 

Since we started this morning we have seen no other travelers – neither behind us nor in front. 

I am beginning to wonder if there will be any one left in the fairy frontier town. I think we will not split up this time – but will go through together. Perhaps even stay the night. I think my companions would like that very much. 

I had just come to that conclusion when I saw a flight of black birds off in the distance. It reminded me about my dream and that encounter a moon ago.  I started forward again when I saw that they were headed away from us. Still it gave me pause knowing our adversary was out there. Did he know where we were?


Day One Thousand Eighty Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

The unit commander condescended to speak to us today. He was in a good mood, being pleased with the efficiency of his men in executing his orders.

His mood changed, however. when Elijah brought up our request to be taken to the Supreme Commander.

He was incredulous about our claims to have met him. Mei at the last prevailed upon him to send a message from us along with his other reports.

The monotony that settled upon our group afterwards was dispelled as we turned our focus to the things of the Spirit.

The quiet of the camp was disturbed later in the evening when an uproar erupted at the news that the adversary Stan was recovered from his wound.

Day Eight Hundred Nine #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Stan could not have been more wrong. And we were content not to disabuse him of his mistaken notion. Not that he left us any means to communicate that back to him. Unless, of course, he had some kind of “eyes” on us. In which case he might guess at the reason behind our unconcern.

For what would he make of the fact our staying the night? Or that we took our ease and went on walks around the megapolis seeing the sights and taking the measure of our adversary?

For as in other places we’ve been through, his image was everywhere, wreathed in honor and pomp.

Very sad, really. Such an immense pride shall surely have a great fall.