The Fairy Diary Day 31 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We have come to a forced halt. Dunfallon called for it. Dwarves were on the path ahead and seemed agitated by the same tracks we were pursuing. At least their attention was not on us. 

We decided to stay put. 

Given his tiny size Dunfallon went forward several times for a closer look. 

There are five dwarves and two pack animals. And I believe Dunfallon has his pixie heart set on one of those animals. 

Rumble told me it is a mountain goat and warned the tiny pixie to keep his hands off. I added my disapproval to his, but the way the pixie looked at me after my admonition worries me. 

I think he is getting over his fear of dwarves.


Day Six Hundred Six #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Some unusual activity today. The Captain and Tomas told us later about the waves of soldiers passing through the area. Thankfully they were not stopping anywhere along their route. Elijah and I missed it for we were off in the city for news.

Everything appeared calm and even dull there. We attracted notice in certain sections, but there was a marked difference in the willingness of the people to respond when we talked to them. It made us curious.

We discovered why on our way back. Fresh posters were mounted on the walls outside the temple. They announced that Stan would deliver a message to the world in two days and included a simple admonition – to be kind to everyone.

Day Two Hundred Seventy Three #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We have found respite after a long day crossing what we thought was a deserted sector of the city.  Or what yesterday had appeared to be empty from the twentieth floor. It was anything but.

Unburied bodies lay everywhere. The anguish of violent death marred the visage of those who still had heads. The only sign of life was the wriggling masses of vermin.

Elijah found a path through it all. With each step the vermin fled from before us. And even the stench was dispelled.

When the way grew clearer, he turned to me and cautioned me against touching anything.

Like I needed that admonition.

Thankfully we made it through as night fell.

We shall see what tomorrow brings.