Will the Third Time Be the Charm?

Nah! But Alice is a charmer – one of the characters in Peter and the Serpent.

My friend Howard Kazanjian consented to write a few words about Peter and the Serpent.

Now available for preorder at Applebooks, launching in five days.


First Off the Drawing Board for Peter and the Serpent

Judged it too busy. And not well put together. Had the idea of a storyboard construct, but it would take better graphic skills than I have to make it pop. And that serpent -UGH!

I found the English illustrator William Hogarth to be a greet inspiration in writing Peter and the Serpent.

Arriving in Seven Days

Film script covers were usually light blue, front and back. They and the script covers were submitted to a three hole punch, and the results secured with two brads – top and bottom, leaving the middle one empty.

My first film script – Peter and the Serpent – will be available on December 6. Pre-orders can be put in at Applebooks. With more to come, including paperbacks and a hardbound edition.

A Simple Request Can Go a Long Way

You too can help (fingers crossed)

Using Direct2Digital as my aggregator for publishing has many advantages. One that I really like is their addition of making your book available to Overdrive (and their newer app Libby). The only drawback is that librarians need to be made aware of your publication. And they make such decisions through requests that they receive from the library cardholders.

Requests can be made through the Overdrive app itself, but not currently through the Libby app.

One Week until Diary of the End of the World launches

Ebooks for my first novel “Diary of the End of the World” are now available for pre-order. Follow the link to find your favorite online bookstore.

Take me to Books2Read

Paperbacks may be ordered on the date of publication, September 6. (I am waiting for my Author copies to approve them, then they will be available also. E x p e n s i v e – as the book is 685 pages long).