The Daisies of Yesteryear

Where are the daisies
Of yesteryear?

Left intact
Passed over
To the eenie minee moe
Of love or no
Racked up
And pressed
Between leaves
Of remembrance
There to be found
By future readers
Complaining the text
Has been obliterated
And asking not
The greater meaning. 


You See to It

Spotless blood betrayed
Fear increased
And not allayed
And those who paid
Made sure that
Upon the other
The guilt remained
‘You see to it’
Is what they said.
Feckless Pilate
Fearing the crowd
Which threatened riot
Dunked his hands
In the water bowl
As for guilt 
He denied it
‘You see to it”
Is what he said.
Under the light of truth
Do you become defiant?
Or do you change tack
And become compliant?
“Come and see” 
Is what He tells us.