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The Year was 1938 – May 6th

  • Opening day for ‘Jones Family in Paris’ from 20th Century Fox [a family comedy like the Hardy family at MGM] and ‘Torchy Blane in Panama’ from WB, two series that will continue in 1939 [a series about a wise-cracking female newspaper reporter].
  • Long pending deal whereby Alexander Korda was to make ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ for Paramount release now appears to be further distant in consummation than ever before as a result of the new United Artists distribution deal. Robert Donat is being considered for the lead.

This mention of Lawrence of Arabia intrigued me, as the David Lean masterpiece from 1962 is a personal favorite, about which I have written three posts in the past.

Memories in the Dark

Me and LoA – a Second Time Around

LoA Encounter of the Third Kind


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