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The Fairy Diary Day 614 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon and I informed the Dromadil king that we have made it into the excavated expanse under his city. And that we require a boat before we venture further in our search for the blockage holding the water in. He replied that his boats that ply the lake are more than likely too big to take down there.

I told him that in that case we need only the materials with which Noralei and Dunfallon can construct one of the proper size for us, most likely down in the treasury itself. This pleased the king and he sent for his boat captain. Upon that worthy’s appearance, he also had a report for the king, but he heard us out first. He promised that his carpenter would supply the necessary materials. 

Then the boat captain informed the king that the level of the lake is slowly falling, and was first noticed to do so when the unseasonal snow and ice began to melt.

The king, Dunfallon and I were then struck by the new difficulties this situation presented. We would have to drain out the water currently below – perhaps through the very hole by which the water was entering from the lake.

It was clear we needed to know more about what is happening below in order to plan what needs to be done.

So, Dunfallon saw to the gathering of materials and brought them down to Noralei. And I joined with Rumble to fly into the nooks and crannies of the watery vastness under the city.


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