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The Fairy Diary Day 592 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

With Merlin’s promise that Noralei was on her way, the wizard set tasks for us in the meantime. He set me up in the Caretaker’s office with his seers stone. He set it so I could monitor one place in particular – the village of the Sprites – and then alternate with a search for the High Fairy. 

I was honored to be thought worthy to be entrusted with this task and to be allowed to utilize this precious tool. I was not sure what exactly I was looking for in the Sprite village but I assumed I would know it when I saw it. I did know who I was looking for in the other instances. As the view skipped around I was looking for any sign of his excellency. 

While I was thus engaged, Merlin worked with Rumble, Dunfallon, and Navril to cull through the storerooms of the repository for useful items. 

I believe our wizard friend foresees an armed conflict in the future. (Dunfallon tells me he is particularly interested in the weapons stored here).

Our chores were interrupted by the happy arrival of Noralei and Gibley on Conjil. I tore myself away from the seers stone for a brief moment to greet our returning friends, but I did not stay long – for I felt the weight of my responsibility too much. 


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