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The Fairy Diary Day 560 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

While Noralei and Rayjil stood guard over our end, Cluyjil and I went in search of Dunfallon and his dragon. We found them on a cliff shelf a short way from the rift. Or rather, that is where Conjil was waiting – his focus on the opening of the small tunnel.

I called in and our pixie soon emerged. He had gone in to investigate after hearing noises within and has concluded it was a false alarm. 

I was filling him in about my adventure at the tunnel on the other side when Merlin materialized between the two dragons. This startled them to rise on their haunches but their alarm subsided when they recognized the wizard who often offered them treats. And he did so, while telling us the news that the thread had stopped unspooling. He had come fully expecting to see Gibley standing with us. 

Before Dunfallon could run back into the tunnel to look for his friend, Merlin told him there was a better way. With a wave of his staff over Cluyjil and himself, the wizard and his dragon were transformed down to sizes matching the pixie’s. 

While Conjil and I took up guard at the entrance, the threesome entered to look for Gibley. 


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