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The Fairy Diary Day 554 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We took turns going out on Cluyjil and Conjil – that is, Noralei, Gibley, and me. Merlin remained behind in the cavern shielded by the enclosure. He is using his seers stone to try to locate the strands that need to be rewoven together. He has given us something better than a description – he conjured up a vision of what it looks like. 

It is striking in color or actually colors. Very reminiscent of our views of the rainbow images we are familiar with in our experiences in this land. Only we have no idea of its size. Merlin says we must find both ends for they are the linch pins that Tinadell will require to seal up the gap. 

Each of us must have made five trips out – all with nothing to show for it, other than the locations of small bits of fabric flapping in the wind. Noralei and the wizard are putting together a model of where everything is that should prove very helpful come time for Tinadell to make his repairs. 

As I listen to the wind howling outside I wonder where Dunfallon and Rayjil are and how they are faring. 


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