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The Fairy Diary Day 548 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We talked and talked and talked. I think Merlin was becoming frustrated with our thick headedness. To help us understand he begged a strip of paper from the bottom of my scroll. And with it he made to glue the ends together. But he gave one end a half twist before attaching them. 

Then he begged to use my quill and with it he demonstrated that there was only one side – as he put my quill to the paper and drew a line – eventually the line came around to the exact spot where it had started. 

Dunfallon took the paper ring from him for a closer look. On it the line was clearly on both visible sides. 

The wizard simply stated, “Something similar is occurring in this situation.”

 Noralei was the first to ask if there were any way to send for Cluyjil – the better for us all to travel on further to investigate. 

Merlin separated out the necklace with the beacon stone from about his neck. And said, “I should be able to. But first we must confer with the goblins to make sure it’s use would have no adverse effect on their dragons.”

Thus, while we waited, my thoughts ranged about on many things, but they always came back to me wondering if this might be the problem that Tinadell is destined to remedy. 


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