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The Fairy Diary Day 537 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Things have become more complicated today. Noralei returned with Rayjil in the early afternoon and word has spread already that the dragon is here to stay – not just passing through as on former occasions. The Fairy Council has summoned Noralei to meet with them about their concerns. 

I jotted a note on the scroll to the High Fairy and petitioned him to come as soon as possible. The weight of his authority also would be welcome in Tinadell’s case. 

Besides we need to talk to him about the promise Noralei made to the Caretaker. She plans to fly with Rayjil to the canyonlands and treat with the goblin clans about procuring another dragon for the repository. I am curious to hear what thoughts his excellency has on that topic. 


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