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The Fairy Diary Day 501 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

It was a busy day at Merlin’s castle for the wizard’s major domo, the owl. He was taxed with arranging for the comings and goings of everyone. 

Dunfallon, Gibley, and I arrived on Conjil just missing Rumble who had left on Rayjil to retrieve Noralei and the High Fairy from the repository. The owl had us settled before their return with the exception of Conjil. She was a bit skittish when left in Cluyjil’s pen – probably upset by his lingering scent. When Gibley and Noralei introduced her to Rayjil, she perked up and became a problem in another way – for the two dragons became feisty and wanted to play. 

Dunfallon took it upon himself to amuse them. And soon had them romping between the courtyard and the garden. (It certainly amused me and Rumble as we stood there watching and catching up with one another).

I later caught the High Fairy and inquired after Merlin before he locked himself away in the wizard’s library. He replied that Merlin was following up on black bird sightings which were pointing him on a path to Dromadil. 

So, it may be a while before the master returns to his castle. 


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