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The Fairy Diary Day 422 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Merlin and the High Fairy can only report that pitched battles are being fought under the mountains in the dwarf kingdoms. Where is unclear. And though one side appears to be succeeding – they cannot discern which one because of their similarities.

(I wish they would have taken one of us into view what the seer’s stone revealed – for just maybe we would have recognized where and to whom those events were occurring). 

Our discussion when they emerged turned closer to home. We no longer need to decide when to introduce the hatchlings to one another. It is something they accomplished on their own. Rayjil escaped from Gibley, having gone transparent and slunk away. She must have caught Cluyjil’s scent and made it down to his training area where she reappeared and presented herself. 

Such prancing about I have never before witnessed. 

Now the question is no longer should they meet, but should they remain together. 

We decided to return them to their own chambers for now. At Gibley’s direction. He seems to believe they would be untrainable otherwise. 

We are in for some interesting days ahead. Be that here or elsewhere.


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