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The Fairy Diary Day 346 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Artoxon did not come himself but had sent his envoys- our former guides Fliget and Gnoston. With them was a most puzzling figure – I believe it was a he – the most wizened dwarf I have ever seen.  And imagine my surprise when he was revealed to be an ancient goblin and a bit of a wizard himself. 

He went away with the High Fairy and Merlin, while Fliget and Gnoston remained with us and filled us in about their companion who is called Bifitz. Long ago this goblin had forsaken his own people to live among the dwarves, maintaining a place of distinction in their ruling council. 

It was Bifitz who had conjured the curse upon the stronghold prior to when the dwarves were forced to abandon it. 

Rumble and Noralei went off with Fliget and Gnoston on a tour of the city. I sat with Dunfallon to hear the tale of his latest adventures.


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