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The Fairy Diary Day 330 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

We received an answer from the High Fairy to our report about our new location and about our hopes for Noralei’s compass. His excellency wanted me to summon Merlin – at the wizard’s behest for he wanted to be where we are. 

(We were hoping to have him with us and were relieved when he appeared).

While Dunfallon kept watch on the Low-way, the rest of us gathered in the junction chamber around Noralei and her compass. 

Merlin is convinced that the red ashes within are reacting to the the dragon egg. Clearly they were stationary – which Noralei confirmed had been their status for quite some time. Rumble posited that its inactivity may be due to the dark elves’ caution after their discovery of the traps. 

After some thought, Merlin said that if there was no movement soon, we should set out for it. 

He is particularly desirous that it not fall into the hands of their most effective warrior – one who had been most ferocious under Gilgorgon’s mountain.


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