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The Fairy Diary Day 303 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

After much discussion we came to a consensus that this location would be ideal for the defense against the dark elves. To that end I got out the scroll and penned a note to the High Fairy and asked him to get this word to the goblin king through the Dromadil pixies. 

Before we continued on via the left fork, Dunfallon marked the area with a few choice goblin signs, to aid them in setting up their defenses. And Rumble showed me a map he had drawn up detailing this underground passage so far. And marvel of marvels he can overlay it on the map given to us by Merlin. 

One look at the revealed expanse from where we are to the canyonlands was disheartening – until Noralei reminded me that we just might encounter the dark elves long before then. 

I hurriedly appended a note to the High Fairy asking that goblin forces be moved into place as soon as possible. 


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