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The Fairy Diary Day 237 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Dunfallon and Geog came to me at first light to tell me their decisions. In the wee hours prior, Merlin had invited himself to join them under the stars where they were wrestling with the alternatives. As the pixie relates it, the wizard was silent and simply listened. And each of them found as they talked, they saw clearly what each needed to do – Dunfallon saw himself sailing in a ship on the waves of a mighty sea, and Geog saw himself on the march with an elvish army. 

So in the peace of settled resolve, all of us assembled in the Laguayilian council chamber and there made our thanks to Nililitil for his hospitality and bid our farewells. 

Nililitil still would have preferred us all to march with his armies, but he understands our obedience to the vision. And he rejoiced to have Geog in his forces. And is overjoyed that Merlin will accompany them – which we learned at the moment of our departure. 


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