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The Fairy Diary Day 119 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

What a difference a day can make! Our grief has been changed to gladness with the return of Noralei in the company of Merlin. 

It was Merlin who had actually whisked her and Willie away back to his castle.

Dunfallon cartwheeled for joy at the sight of her. 

I thanked the wizard for the rescue of our friend. For his part he apologized for not stopping back right away. But he assured us it was very necessary – all to better secure the wily Wisp under lock and key and spell. 

And then Merlin put forth a request – asking our permission to allow Noralei to return again with him to work on a secret project calling for the finest fairy smithing. 

Rumble and I gave our consent easily, but Dunfallon was reluctant to the point of pouting. Noralei explained to the pixie that if was something she very much wanted to do. And Merlin spoke up himself and promised to return her the minute the project was completed. 

And that clinched it for him.


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