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The Fairy Diary Day 116 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

This place has been in a uproar all morning. Our captors were covered with confusion and running about to no purpose. 

Later we learned the reason. While visiting Noralei and her charge, Roseberry took it upon himself to stir up and release Willie. This despite her clear warning to him. 

Roseberry is lost in a well of forgetfulness and none of his troops know what to do about it. 

They finally screwed up the courage to ask for our aid. 

So, we took advantage of their change of heart and asked to have Noralei brought in to our chamber. 

She told us that the Wisp got clean away. But added some good news in that she had made contact with Dunfallon. He will soon be with us. 

Then we can concentrate on locating and recovering Willie. 

And I at last got around to calling on the one whose presence should make all the difference. I used the pendant to summon Merlin.


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Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

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