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The Fairy Diary Day 79 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Our search was successful, but only at the end of the day. Our pixie Dunfallon had indeed fallen prey to the Will’o’the Wisp that inhabits these parts. In fact, Dunfallon is quite familiar with him. Even considers him a friend. 

And thereon hangs the tale. 

When his “friend” appeared in the mist that night, he felt no qualms about accompanying him back to his lair for a chat. He thought he’d be back before we knew he was gone. 

But the sprite had other designs. 

When Dunfallon bid him goodbye, Will dusted him with forgetfulness and confined him in a cage. Which is where we found him. 

Rumble easily restrained the Wisp and we had him exchange places with Dunfallon. 


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Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

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