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The Fairy Diary Day 38 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

Gilgorgon and two of his fellow dwarves, the strongest, accompanied us out of the hall and down the mountain. Their companionship meant a swift passage alongside freshly flowing streams. Like the snowmelt the dwarves knew the best way down. 

Our escorts continued with us even after we passed into the forest. 

We were confident – not only because the sun was shining on our path but because the darkness, though seemingly close viewed from up on the mountain, down here appears to be a good long way off. 

Upon reaching the end of the forest we encountered a band of dwarves. They were in full flight from trolls and warned us to flee too. 

I turned to Gilgorgon to release him from all responsibility for us, but he would not hear of it. Instead he led the way to a dwarf stronghold on the plain a bit further on. The place was filled with battle ready dwarves. 

And we joined them to await developments.


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Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

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