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The Fairy Diary Day 28 #TFDbyRWOz2

Meribabell writes:

The tracks we have been following run as straight as an arrow. Which is odd. For there is a constant up and down as we climb and descend hill after hill. One would think a more level and less arduous route would have been pursued. 

If anything it is revealing of the singleness of mind of the enemy. And perhaps, just perhaps, its weakness. 

All day Rumble kept close to our tiny friend, who continues to be very helpful, drawing from his knowledge of the terrain. 

Yet on our midday stop Dunfallon told us that he will soon be at the limit of his experience. And from what others have told him no pixie towns are to be found thereafter. Rather he fears the tales that trolls and dwarves dwell there, especially the closer one gets to the mountain. 

And that appears to be the destination of the mysterious tracks.


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Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

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