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Day One Hundred Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

Our roles have undergone another reversal today. This time the widow and her son are taking the lead. They have been given a home, and Lyle and I are assigned to live with them.

What it all means, we do not know, but we are looking for answers.

Lyle and I have been given permission to circulate freely within the city. A privilege that we will make good use of.

Already we have heard many strange rumors. Some disquieting. I shall endeavor to ascertain the truth in each situation. I sense that many things need to be resolved before I pass on to the desert beyond.

Yes, someday soon we will leave this all behind.

We are here for now.


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Poet, historian, writer for stage and screen. Responder to Jesus (Romans 5:8)

3 responses to “Day One Hundred Eight #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

  1. David W. Morris ⋅

    Hey buddy! I stumbled onto yd`ur blog, and I had to say I remember when you lived in the Fifth Avenue neIar Sebastian Cabot. I remember you and I laughing over the cartoons of Hitler & Co. from the New Yorker.

    • rwoz2

      Hi Dave, great to hear from you. Did you read my Sebastian Cabot post? (I mention you in a couple of the other ones). I used that Hitler cartoon as an idea for one scene in one of my screenplays. Karen says “Hi.” How’s Nancy?

      • David W. Morris ⋅

        Sorry about the typos in my initial comment. Long day. Nancy is fine we had been in NH hiking over the weekend. Our first hike this year and feeling it.

        I have been reading your memoirs and blogs for the last few hours. Even found a few mentions of myself (I remember going to see The General with you and Karen – and that it was the funniest movie evening, laughed myself sore right up to the end). You and I also went to see Intolerance, as well as The Sheik and Son of the Sheik in West Seattle (near where I had lived in the early 60’s). I wonder, did we also go to see The Seven Samurai together at the Harvard Exit? I had seen it broadcast on TV and despite the small screen and the inability to read the sub-titles I was enthralled by it. I know years later, after I returned to the Seattle area I saw it running at the Exit and I talked a girl from the apartment complex into going to see it. I didn’t know the girl really, but had just helped her and a friend move into her building. I really didn’t think she would enjoy it, but found that she loved it, and talked all the way back to Kent.

        I just got an upgrade on my neurosurgery recovery. My last visit at Tufts my follow-up schedule has been increased from quarterly to biannually!

        Hello to Karen. Hope all are well and happy.


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